Bb Known Issue: Viewing a Particular Attempt for an Assignment Throws an Error


When trying to view a particular attempt for an Assignment, the instructor receives a “red banner” error.

If a student tries to submit an assignment with an attachment that has a 126+ character file name length and also contains spaces, or if the student’s filename has “illegal characters,” an error will be given when viewing that assignment. Examples include:


A file name with 126 or more characters and spaces, such as:

This here is a 126 character doc file name with spaces This here is a 126 character doc file name with spaces This here is a 1.doc


A file name with “illegal characters,” such as spaces, dashes, and brackets:

Lab 4 Prelab – <Student Name>.doc


The file submission is still added, and the attempt created, but the student will receive the error below when trying to view the attempt. If the student goes back into the assignment to re-upload the assignment, she/he will receive the same error below:

In the Grade Center, instructors will notice there is an attempt for the student user, and will show up as “needs grading.” If instructors try to view the attempt, the instructor will get the following error:
An error occurred. Contact the System Administrator. An error occurred. Contact the System Administrator.


The student can be allowed one additional attempt (or have the current attempt cleared), so the student can re-upload with a smaller file name using just text–without spaces or “illegal characters” (i.e. Lab4PreLab.doc).

If you, the instructor, set up the assignment to allow only one attempt, you need to clear the individual student attempt in order for she/he to re-upload their assignment. To clear an individual student’s attempt, in the grade center click the double chevron drop down list next to the student’s score; click on”View Grade Details.” On the next page click on the “Clear Attempt” grey button. This only clears the attempt for this student.

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